The annual meeting place for senior decision-makers right across the hydrogen production and distribution value chain

[14th September, 2020] McPhy is a proud sponsor of the World Hydrogen Congress 2020! This is the annual meeting place for senior decision-makers right across the hydrogen production and distribution value chain. This year, the event will be online. An outstanding executive line up augmented by strong association support from the hydrogen markets is leading to what promises to be a unique event for all hydrogen executives.

Working towards a zero-emission world

If you want to meet the entire clean energy ecosystem from across the globe and find out more about innovative and emerging strategies for the sustainable growth of the hydrogen industry … this is definitely the place to be!
An innovative platform of thought leaders, exchanges and debates between key hydrogen stakeholders, technology & science providers and world-leading industry views in just 2 intense, information-rich days with worldwide resonance.
The event is laser-focused on increasing zero-emission hydrogen production in a strategy of cost reduction across the whole value chain, for all market segments (industry, mobility, energy).
Key challenges addressed during this 2-day summit:

  • Global economics of the hydrogen market(s)
  • Production: scale-up of the renewable’s capacities, and of the hydrogen production as well
  • Regulatory & Standards

Join us during the “scaling-up” panel session!

“Now is indeed the time to scale-up and industrialize clean hydrogen production technologies to lower their costs and boost the rise of a clean, secure and cost-competitive hydrogen ecosystem.”

Major step changes are happening on the hydrogen markets. As a key player in the zero-carbon hydrogen sector, McPhy is invited to discuss about this market growth that reaches a peak, confirmed by the incorporation of zero-carbon hydrogen in an increasing number of government roadmaps, the development of international coalitions and the realization of the first large-scale projects.
Our Sales Director in charge of heavy industry, Florent BAUDU will bring its light on the roundtable “Driving the global hydrogen economy & scaling up, creating infrastructure, policy framework, affordable technologies and investment”.

Let’s discuss together about what it takes to accelerate the pace of change and shape a zero-carbon future!

Information & Registration


| World Hydrogen Congress Online, 22-23 September 2020


| Panel session with Florent BAUDU, McPhy Sales Director in charge of heavy industry
“Driving the global hydrogen economy & scaling up, creating infrastructure, policy framework, affordable technologies and investment”
Tuesday 22, September at 11h00, via “Hubilo” online plateform
In presence of James Watson (Secretary General, Eurogas), Eva Henning (Head of Department Policy Issues, Thüga) and Soonil Jeon (Head of Fuel Cell Engineering Design Group, Hyundai Motor Group).


More info, full program & tickets:


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Optimizing the role of hydrogen in Italy’s energy transition

[Sepetember 11th, 2020] The World Energy Council – Italia, in collaboration with AIDIC (Italian Association of Chemical Engineering) is organizing an international conference to explore the potential of hydrogen in the context of energy transition. Partner of WEC Italia, McPhy will be present at the conference dedicated to the production of hydrogen by electrolysis.

In line with the global initiative “Hydrogen Global Charter” and the results of the Innovation Insights Brief WEC “New Hydrogen Economy – Hope or Hype?”1, this one-day conference dedicated to the place of hydrogen in Italy’s energy transition will provide an opportunity to look back on :

  • Policies and regulations in the hydrogen sector
  • Hydrogen Global Charter
  • Thematic round tables


Marco Parigi, Piel Global Sales Manager McPhy, will speak in the 1st round table session dedicated to the prospects for hydrogen production by alkaline electrolysis: “New prospects for hydrogen production”, on September 30th, 2020 at 10:30 am.


The Piel by McPhy range is specifically adapted to the production of hydrogen for the so-called “light” industry. Complemented by the McLyzer and Augmented McLyzer ranges, it allows manufacturers to produce on site and to their specifications, the hydrogen necessary for their processes, and to participate in the decarbonation of entire industrial sectors.
Small electrolyzers page
Large electrolyzers page
Augmented electrolyzers page

Practical information & registration:

| World Energy Council – Italia
September 30th, 2020, from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm in Rome, Italy.
Hall of the Protomoteca in Campidoglio, Piazza del Campidoglio 55, Rome


| McPhy Roundtable: September 30th, 2020 at 10:30 a.m.
“New prospects for hydrogen production“, Marco Parigi, Piel Global Sales Manager McPhy.


For more information and registration (free):
To ensure the safety of the participants, the capacity of the room will be reduced in order to allow adequate compliance with the regulations for the COVID-19 emergency. The possibility of accessing the room will be confirmed via email. In order to allow the widest participation, the event will also be broadcast in live streaming.


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At the time of hydrogen deployment in the territories

[8th September, 2020] For its second edition, the Symposium focuses on hydrogen “at the time of deployment in the territories”.

Hydrogen have the wind in its sails

At a time when national and European calls for projects are demonstrating the extent to how ready communities and companies are to embark on the hydrogen path, the Citizen Convention for the Climate points to the need to develop the production of zero-emission hydrogen and its use in the mobility sector.

The Hydrogen Symposium – 2nd edition

In partnership with AFHYPAC and the “Automobile Club de l’Ouest”, Le Mans Métropolis invites us to exchange with companies, the Mission H24 and local authorities involved in the development of the hydrogen sector and to discover the perspectives for 2030.
The Le Mans Symposium wishes to show the relevance of these initiatives in order to move towards massification, a major lever to make a pioneering and future-oriented technology more accessible.

McPhy supports the densification of the hydrogen infrastructure in the “Grand Ouest” region

After having equipped the hydrogen station in Le Mans, located opposite the mythical 24 Hours circuit, in July 2020, McPhy will participate in the symposium to present, alongside S. Le Foll, Mayor of Le Mans, President of Le Mans Métropole, J. Gueit H2 Development France TOTAL, and other partners, the H2 Ouest project.

A visit of the station equipped by McPhy is planned in the early afternoon of this 2nd edition of the Le Mans Hydrogen Symposium.

For more information on the achievement: TOTAL – Le Mans

Photo credit: ACO – Automobile Club de l’Ouest

Practical info & Registration:
| 2nd edition of the Hydrogen Symposium in Le Mans
September 15th, 2020 at the Le Mans Exhibition Center, 1 avenue du Parc des Expositions du Mans, 72058 LE MANS Cedex 2, France.


| McPhy Roundtable: September 15th, 2020 at 16h15
“Hydrogen in Le Mans – Update on the H2OUEST project”, Nenad Nikolic, Business Development Manager


For more information and registration:


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The largest hydrogen mobility deployment project in France

Zero Emission Valley is one of the most ambitious zero-emission mobility project in Europe
• After having equipped the 1st station of the ZEV project (Chambéry) with a 40kg/day electrolyzer
• McPhy will supply 5 hydrogen stations 400/800 kg / day + 4 MW electrolysis*
• Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, France | Contract : June 2020

Zero Emission Valley embodies the energy transition at regional level

Initiated by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional council, deployed by Hympulsion and supported by the European Union, the Zero Emission Valley (ZEV) project stands out by its scale and its innovative nature.
The plan aims at deploying, before the end of 2023, 1,200 fuel cell vehicles, 20 hydrogen stations, including several with electrolyzers to produce hydrogen from renewable electricity without emitting CO2. This project aims to make Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes the pioneering region for hydrogen mobility in France and one of the first carbon-neutral territories at the European level, while helping to create profitable models that can be replicated on a European scale.

The MAT consortium, made up of McPhy, Atawey and TSM, is selected to supply, on the basis of a framework contract, 14 hydrogen stations, several of which equipped with electrolyzers.
Within the consortium, McPhy technologies will equip 5 high-capacity hydrogen stations (McFilling 400/800 kg / day) and several McLyzer electrolyzers*.
With more than 620,000 liters of fossil fuels replaced and more than 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions avoided each year, this project will make it possible to respond to climate challenges, such as those set by the Green Pact for Europe, which aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050, while demonstrating that economic development, wealth creation and preservation of the environment can be compatible.

Supported by the European Union & ADEME 

This project is financed by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region of council, ADEME and the European program CEF Transport.

| Markets

  • Hydrogen Mobility
  • Hydrogen for local communities

Learn more about the H2 applications in the section: “Markets”.



| Equipment & Services

  • 5 stations McFilling 400/800 kg / day*
  • 4 MW of electrolysis*

Learn more about the solutions in the section: “Equipment & Services”.



| Customer

  • Hympulsion
  • Location: AURA region, France

Read the press release

* Among them: 2 HRS and 4 MW ELY are conditional part of the ZEV framework contract [signed on 18 June 2020]