Chemistry and New Energies Symposium

Chemistry and New Energies Symposium

[Agenda] Meet McPhy at the Chemistry and New Energies Symposium, organized by the Maison de la Chimie Foundation, and under the Organizing Committee of Bernard Bigot, President of the International Foundation of Maison de la Chimie, Danièle Olivier, Vice-President, Paul Rigny, Scientific Advisor to the President. The symposium aims to be an accessible event to a wide audience. It will take place in a hybrid version both face-to-face but also virtual, on live, on February 10, 2021.

The Chemistry and New Energies Symposium addresses a topical subject: the production, distribution and consumption of energy and its effects on the climate.

Diversify energy sources

The symposium returns to the need to multiply and diversify energy sources, in order to meet growing demand for energy. The energy mix of tomorrow, including carbon-free energies, will have to be innovative to move towards sustainable development based on efficient and competitive technologies.

Different themes for a complete overview

The symposium will begin on Wednesday, February 10, with an opening plenary conference followed by a debate session: ‘One year after the crisis, what energy landscape in 2050? ‘ and ‘From CleanTech to ClimateTech: towards net zero-carbon energy ‘.

Various round tables will be held in the morning around the theme “Industrial R&D policy in the coming decades; expected contributions from chemistry” as well as afternoon sessions on ‘Innovation and energy; progress in non-carbon energies ‘ and ‘ Transport and energy vectors ‘.

McPhy participates in the hydrogen round-table

Laurent Carme, CEO of McPhy will speak at a round-table, on February 10 at 12:00 p.m. on the theme ‘Technological and industrial trajectory: accelerating the scale-up to improve the competitiveness of ‘zero-carbon hydrogen’.

Information and registration:

Maison de la Chimie | 10 february 2021, from 9 a.m to 5.30 p.m

Registration before the 1st february 2021 :

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