Energy transition:
a global challenge

The irreversible exhaustion of natural resources, global warming, increasing inequality between countries, air pollution and its impact on public health, etc.
Whether they are environmental, economic or social, the modern world is facing major challenges for which the only solution is a profound change in the way we look at and interact with energy.

Energy transition is up and running

The current energy models rely mainly on fossil energy, which gives rise to two major concerns:

  • Oil, gas and coal are the main forms of energy used, but they are also the most polluting and are responsible for global warming and air pollution,
  • Found on earth in only limited quantities, they are becoming more and more rare.

Energy transition supports the widespread adoption of renewable energy and eases its integration

We need new ways to think about the production and consumption of energy, freeing ourselves from our dependence on fossil energy. “Energy transition for green growth” thus aims to decarbonize our energy mix and to create new forms of value, dramatically increasing the shares of renewable energy by relying on the introduction of Smart Grids.

Striving towards a low carbon society

Solar, wind, hydraulic – energy transition relies on clean energy, allowing it to respond to the growing need for energy while maintaining the:

  • Preservation of our planet’s resources,
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions,
  • Improvement of air quality and reduction of particle emissions,
  • Local economic growth through the production of decentralized energy,
  • Creation of collaborative projects, mobilizing all invested parties in the community.

The deployment of renewable energy and the emergence of a low carbon society are the subject of a global consensus, as evidenced in the COP21 / COP22 agreements, local government plans (the energy transition law in France, Energiewende in Germany, etc.), the commitment of major energy providers, car manufacturers, or the transformation of the industry.

At the heart of this project that has made a profound change in our societies, hydrogen is an energy carrier that plays a central role.

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