Our business ethics code is based on loyal behavior and a sense of responsibility, in accordance with McPhy Group developments and in compliance with laws and regulations.

The Business Ethics Code sets out certain standards of conduct applicable to all employees of the McPhy Group, its representatives, appointees, consultants, and other external service provides acting on behalf of the Group.

Each employee shall act with loyalty, integrity, and a sense of responsibility, in accordance with the Group’s commitments. Whatever their hierarchical grade, all employees shall apply the principles of the Business Ethics Code:

  • Apply laws and regulations,
  • Apply the principles of competition,
  • Apply the principles governing insider misconduct,
  • Apply the principles of prevention of corruption,
  • Prevent conflicts of interest,
  • Respect relationships with third parties, commitments to Clients, to employees (occupational health & safety, prevention of discrimination and harassment) and with the environment,
  • Protect Group assets: data integrity and protection, financial transparency, importance of internal control.

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