Social and environmental policy

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A CSR Committee is to be set up within the appointments and remuneration Committee; whose main tasks will be as follows:

  • To consider the CSR dimension of the major issues discussed by the Board of Directors (growth, restructuring, innovation, acquisitions, etc.) and address it regularly;
  • Promote the existence of and participate in the work of a working group or an ad hoc Committee to address and deal with CSR issues in greater depth;
  • Ask the Chairman to explain how CSR is taken into account in the company’s strategy in order to strategy in order to create value for the company and its stakeholders;
  • Question Management on the CSR reporting carried out on a mandatory basis (or voluntary) basis with the different elements of measurement of the extra-financial performance;
  • Consult the reports and, if necessary, interview the independent external experts having expressed́ an opinion on the company’s CSR performance (auditors, rating agencies, independent third-party organizations…) ;
  • Monitor the CSR performance and its gradual rise within the company;
  • Encourage reflection on the use of CSR criteria in the calculation of the variable portion of executive compensation and participate in its implementation.


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