Our vision

As a pioneer of hydrogen technologies in the service of energy transition, the McPhy Group has in ten years positioned itself among the leaders in clean hydrogen by developing cutting-edge technologies.

A strong company program:
“Driving clean energy forward”

“Supporting new ways of thinking about the production and consumption of energy, developing a mix based on renewable energies, more sustainable and anchored in the territories: this is the conviction that we share.
At the heart of this project, the hydrogen carrier plays a central role: for the storage of energy of course, but also to decarbonize transportation as well as deploy new industrial uses.

More than a tagline
« Driving clean energy forward »
is the reason why we exist,
our company program,
a strong commitment to our Teams,
Clients and Partners.

For almost 10 years, McPhy has thus concentrated its expertise on the deployment of hydrogen energy as a solution for the climate, driving clean energy and smart grids forward throughout the world with our Clients and Partners.
Our challenge? Continue to make our technology more competitive and accessible.

We are proud today to contribute to the economic and ecological performance of industry and community clients, but also – at our level – to the implementation of a low-carbon society.

Chief Executive Officer

Our Vision:
“Unlimited Hydrogen”

Clean. Smart. Scalable. Unlimited Hydrogen.

Our “Unlimited Hydrogen” vision is an empirical approach to hydrogen solutions, in support of the massive growth in clean energy needs. It’s more than scaling up, it’s about offering smart, low carbon technologies that are modular, without any limits in terms of capacity, and are capable of both responding to contemporary issues and preparing for the future.

To support this transformation, at McPhy we have the right level of technologies and industrial infrastructure, without – most importantly – forgetting the almost one hundred employees committed to the success of your projects and the rollout of #CleanEnergy hydrogen.

We have concentrated our research and innovation on modularized solutions capable of producing and delivering the hundreds, even thousands, of kilos of low carbon hydrogen per day required by the necessary zero-emissions transformation of industry and transport.

Mastering the entire hydrogen value chain

Designer, manufacturer and integrator of hydrogen solutions, McPhy is a leading company in the implementation of hydrogen projects. Recognized in all technologies, McPhy has a unique position and proposes complete, integrated solutions:

Project management: from A to Z

Our multidisciplinary team works hand in hand with you toward the successful achievement of your hydrogen project.

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