Quality approach

The wide scale deployment of hydrogen requires a rigorous quality and security approach. In addition to our products’ certification, we actively participate in the regulatory and standardization work (in France and abroad) that will allow hydrogen to fulfill its role in energy transition.

Standards, certificates and quality policy:
a proactive approach

Our hydrogen equipment and solutions are all compliance-certified to current standards.
We invite you to discover them in the “Products and Solutions” pages.

Our production sites have a Quality System certified to ISO 9001.

McPhy is also proactively engaged in the standard committees for hydrogen alongside industry players, manufacturers, regulatory bodies, etc.
We give advisory opinions and recommendations and contribute to the development and the diffusion of safe and pragmatic hydrogen standards.

Focus on … the mirror committee TC 197:
“Hydrogen Technologies”

The French Mirror Group of the FCH-JU : the objective of this group, coordinated jointly by representatives of the Ministry of Research and AFHYPAC, is to guarantee and optimize the access of industry players, local governments and users to all available European resources.
Bringing together over 20 countries, the TC197 committee studies the standardization of the production technologies, storage, transportation and measurement of hydrogen.

McPhy participates in the Standards Committee France, steered by the CEA and Afnor, for work groups in direct contact with our core activity:

  • Group 24 – “ISO 19880-1: H2 refueling stations”
  • Group 25 – “ISO 711: hydride storage”
  • Working group “electrolyzers”
  • Working group 5 : EU level stations