Electrolyzers for continuous and automated hydrogen production, at a large scale

Starting at 10 bar and 10 Nm3/h, the range of large capacity McLyzer electrolyzers can generate hydrogen in large volumes for “heavy-duty” industries and/or continuous applications. This range is also specifically adapted for Power to Gas.

from 10 to 800 Nm3/h in a range of pressures from 10 to 30 bar

The McLyzer range offers two approaches: a standardized range (see below) supplemented with customized multi-MW configuration systems for large scale installations (multi-MW  designs based on our disruptive technology Augmented McLyzer).

Pressure (barg) Nominal hydrogen flow rate (Nm3/h) Nominal power DC Energy Consumption @ nominal flow rate (kWh/Nm3)
McLyzer 10-10 10 10 ca. 57 kW 5.25
McLyzer 10-30 30 10 ca. 52 kW 4.54
McLyzer 60-30 30 60 ca. 0.3 MW 4.43
McLyzer 100-30 30 100 ca. 0.5 MW 4.5
McLyzer 200-30 30 200 ca. 1 MW 4.5
McLyzer 400-30 30 400 ca. 2 MW 4.5
McLyzer 800-30 30 800 ca. 4 MW 4.5

All of our products are designed according to the ISO 22734-1 : 2008 standard, and are CE marked, in full compliance with the European Union directives [machinery, low voltage, electro-magnetic compatibility, pressure equipment directives].


A wide range of options is available: (ask us for more details)

  • Purification
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Cooling / Pre-cooling system
  • Container / Shelter: integrated solution, outdoor installation
  • Oxygen generation
  • Compression
  • Demineralization
  • Pairing with McFilling (hydrogen refueling station)

Learn more about the McLyzer’s options.

Application areas

Our on-site McLyzer hydrogen generators address the following markets:

  • Mobility: coupling McLyzer electrolyzers and H2 McFilling hydrogen refueling stations
  • Industry : refineries, steel mills, chemistry
  • Power to Gas : coupling electrolyzers with renewable energies

Among our references : H2Ber Berlin, Audi, EnergieDienst, Jupiter 1000, …

Focus on an achievement


This project is a 4 MW design based on parallel implementation of 2 McLyzer hydrogen generators. This system is dedicated to a Power to Gas application in the Chinese province of Hebei.

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