Augmented McFilling: our stations to decarbonize “heavy transport”

Backed by state-of-the-art research & innovation, and a top-tier industrial infrastructure, McPhy takes a strong position in the rapidly growing market of large-capacity stations for buses, trains or boats, for example.

Augmented McFilling: starting from 400 kg per day, at 350 bar

McPhy proposes #CleanEnergy systems by interfacing its stations to new generation electrolyzers that produce clean hydrogen from renewable sources.

Quantity of H2 / day (kg)Pressure (barg)H2 sourceVehicles concernedPeak throughputFootprint (m2)
McFilling 400-350 400 350 Delivered compressed H2 or 30 bar H2 source (e.g. electrolyzer) Buses | Trains | Boats Storage capacity to match the peak consumption 15m2 + remote dispenser

Hydrogen refueling station for buses

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Augmented McLyzer

Large-scale electrolysis platform for large-scale hydrogen stations

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