Hydrogen stations distributing large volumes daily

Discover our McFilling large capacity line, a complete range of hydrogen stations to supply large fleets of H2 vehicles (stations for buses, for the general public, etc.).

McFilling: hydrogen refueling station from 40 to 200 kg / day | 350 and/or 700 bar

From 40 kilos of hydrogen per day, at 350 or 700 bar, the McFilling stations meet all the needs for hydrogen mobility.
They can be designed on demand as a global system and interfaced with an electrolysis module coupled with renewable energies from the territory for clean, zero emission mobility.

Quantity of H2 / day (kg)Pressure (barg)H2 sourceVehicles concernedPeak throughputFootprint (m2)
McFilling 40-350 T20 40 350 30 bar H2 source (e.g. electrolyzer) or Delivered compressed H2 Utility vehicles, forklifts ca. 12 kg (back to back) 12m2 + remote dispenser
McFilling 100/200-350 100 or 200 350 30 bar H2 source (e.g. electrolyzer) or Delivered compressed H2 Buses, utility vehicles, forklifts Storage capacity to match the peak consumption 12m2 + remote dispenser
McFilling 200-700 T40 200 700 Delivered compressed H2 or 30 bar H2 source (e.g. electrolyzer) Passenger cars 35 kg per hour 15m2 + storage + remote dispenser
McFilling 200-DP (Dual Pressure) 200 350 & 700 30 bar H2 source (e.g. electrolyzer) or Delivered compressed H2 Passenger cars, buses, utility vehicles, forklifts 35 kg per hour + Storage capacity to match the peak consumption 15m2 + storage + remote dispenser

* “Back to back”: number of consecutive full tanks made

Our products are CE marked, in full compliance with the European Union directives [machine – 2006/42/EC | low voltage – LV 2014/35/EU | electro magnetic compatibility – EMC 2014/30/EU | pressure equipment directive – PED 2014/68/EU ].
They are also compliant with the SAE J2600 – J2719 standard.

Key assets

  • From 40 to 200 kg of hydrogen per day (per module)
  • Distributes 350 and/or 700 bar
  • Fast fueling
  • Hydrogen supply: production on site (electrolyzer) or hydrogen procurement in cylinders
  • Compact: station modules with reduced floor space and can be spaced out
  • Plug and Play : simple installation and use
  • Accompaniment in the different processes and in setting up security on site

They have confidence in us: Urban Community of Sarreguemines Confluences / FaHyence Station (the first station coupled with an electrolyzer in France).


  • Additional high pressure storage: to increase the number of « back to back » recharges (number of consecutive full tanks made)
  • Pre-cooling: T20 for the 40/100/200-350 ; T40 included in the McFilling 100-700 and 200-700 standard versions
  • Electrolyzer: on-site hydrogen production by the addition of a hydrogen generator (included in the standard version of SimpleFuel)
  • IR Communication (to McFilling 100-700 and beyond)
  • Remote monitoring/ Supervision: real time monitoring of the performance of your station, via the digital service McVision
  • Customization: McPhy proposes different options of customization for your hydrogen station

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Focus on an achievement


As part of the FaHyence project, McPhy commissioned the first hydrogen refueling station in France that produces (on-site, on-demand) its own hydrogen thanks to an electrolyzer.
Real #CleanEnergy chain, our system pairing McLyzer 10-10 and McFilling 40-350 (40 kg per day, pre-cooling T40) contributes to the widespread adoption of zero-emission mobility.

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