Light hydrogen refueling stations to start the hydrogen mobility

McPhy proposes two approaches for hydrogen stations of small and medium capacity (5 to 20 kg / day): McFilling and SimpleFuel.

McFilling starter kit and SimpleFuel stations: from 5 to 20 kg H2 / day, at 350 or 700 bar

  • Starter kit McFilling:
    5 to 20 kg of hydrogen per day, at 350 bar
    This range is perfectly adapted to the needs of captive fleets (utilitarian) and to logistic platforms (lift trucks).
Nb kg H2 / dPression (barg)H2 sourceVehicles concernedBack-to-back delivery (kg)Footprint (m2)
McFilling 5-350 / 10-350 5 or 10 350 Delivered compressed H2 Forklifts | Utility vehicles > 1.5 kg 1 m2 + 0.9 m2
McFilling 20-350 20 350 Delivered compressed H2 Forklifts | Utility vehicles > 6 kg 11 m2

* “Back to back”: number of consecutive full tanks made

Our products are CE marked, in full compliance with the European Union directives [machine – 2006/42/EC | low voltage – LV 2014/35/EU | electro magnetic compatibility – EMC 2014/30/EU | pressure equipment directive – PED 2014/68/EU ].
They are also compliant with the SAE J2600 – J2719 standard.

  • SimpleFuel :
    An « all in one » solution, distributing 5 to 10 kg of hydrogen per day, at a pressure of 350 or 700 bar
    A hyper-compact station, integrating an electrolysis module for the automated production and distribution of hydrogen to vehicles.
    Product developed in partnership with Ivys and PDC Machines for the US market. Adapted to the European market by McPhy, manufactured in our Italian plant, and distributed exclusively by McPhy throughout the Europe.
Nb kg H2 / dayPression (barg)H2 sourceVehicles concernedBack-to-back delivery (kg)Footprint (m2)
SimpleFuel 35-5 / 35-10 5 or 10 350 Electrolyzer included Forklifts | Utility vehicles N/A 2.2 m2
SimpleFuel 70-5 / 75-10 5 or 10 700 Electrolyzer included Passenger cars N/A 2.2 m2

* “Back to back”: number of consecutive full tanks made

Did you know?


McPhy entered into an agreement with U.S. company Ivys Energy Solutions, its partner in developing the SimpleFuel™ hydrogen refueling station, as the exclusive distributor for Europe.

Key assets of the hydrogen refueling stations McPhy

  • From 5 to 20 kg of hydrogen per day (per module)
  • Distributes 350 or 700 bar
  • McFilling: a fast-fueling range
  • Hydrogen supply: production on site (electrolyzer) or hydrogen procurement in cylinders (McFilling)
  • Compact: modules with reduced floor space
  • Plug and Play : simple installation and use
  • Accompaniment in the different processes and in setting up security on site

All our products bear the CE mark and McPhy relies on organizations such as TüV for certifications.


  • Additional high pressure storage: to increase the number of « back to back » recharges (number of consecutive full tanks made)
  • Electrolysis on site: on-site hydrogen production by the addition of a hydrogen generator (included in the standard version of SimpleFuel)
  • IR Communication
  • Customization: McPhy proposes different options of customization for your hydrogen station
  • Remote monitoring/ Supervision: real time monitoring of the performance of your station, via the digital service McVision

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Focus on an achievement

City of Paris

The French capital chose McPhy (and Idex as the operator) to equip the first hydrogen station in Paris area. Located at Ivry sur Seine, our McFilling 20-350 aims at refueling the utility vehicle fleet of the City. This station was inaugurated during COP 21 (2015).

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