Ease the large-scale integration of renewable energies

Relying on the widespread adoption of renewable energies, intermittent and difficult to predict by nature, energy transition creates a drastic increase in need for flexibility and storage.

Power-to-Gas: massive storage in networks

It is possible to store, within existing gas networks, surplus electricity produced by renewable, non-immediately consumed energies.
This “clean” electricity is thus converted into hydrogen and injected into the networks to power multiple applications.
For more information, visit the page dedicated to Power to Gas.

Storage in a solid form, McPhy’s founding technology

McPhy was created in 2008 around the breakthrough technology of storage in a solid form.

Initially based on magnesium and supplemented by low-temperature metal hydrides, the McStore technology has been successfully integrated into projects such as the industrial platform for the production of low-carbon hydrogen PUS (in Grenoble), or an eco-district powered by hydrogen GRHYD (in Dunkirk).

Backed by ten years of research and innovation in storage technologies, as well as producing and distributing hydrogen, the McPhy Group has acquired unique expertise in hydrogen technologies and has been justified in its choice to integrate and develop electrolysis technologies and its own hydrogen stations.

Despite the intrinsic qualities of storage in solid form and the good performance of McStore technology, the latter does not, at the moment, present a satisfactory business model. Its marketing was hence stopped in December 2018.

Focus on an achievement


A unique demonstrator in Italy (Puglia Region), integrating a 750 kg solid-state storage solution designed by McPhy.

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