Store large volumes of hydrogen under the best possible security conditions

Relying on the deployment of large-scale renewable energy, intermittent and difficult to predict by nature, energy transition creates a growing need for flexibility and storage. The hydrogen carrier is a possible answer. Thanks to the hydrogen solid-state storage technology, it is now possible to valorize the renewable energy simply and under the best possible safety conditions.

McStore, a modular approach to the storage of hydrogen

Since its creation, McPhy designs, produces and installs solid-form hydrogen storage solutions. This unique technology offers real advantages in terms of security and logistics. It integrates with global hydrogen systems: production, storage, recovery.
In its standard configuration, the McStore is a module composed of 12 cylinders offering a total storage capacity of 90 Nm3, or 8 kg of hydrogen.
The modularity of the McStore solution allows for a custom made design for large scale storage systems, thanks to a parallel connection to several storage modules.

Storage modules

McStore | Our modular approach of the hydrogen solid-state storage

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Solid-state hydrogen storage: ease of installation and use, within optimal security conditions

McPhy was created in 2008, around the disruptive storage technology of sold-form storage initially based on magnesium, which has now been supplemented by a technology relying on low temperature metal hydrides.
McPhy has developed a strong and unique expertise in these technologies.

Why choose solid-state storage?

Although hydrogen has a very high mass energy density, the fact that it is a very light gas makes its storage and transportation a real challenge. The aim of hydrogen storage technologies is thus to reduce the volume that hydrogen naturally occupies in its thermodynamically stable state under ambient conditions.
Historically, storage methods have been based on compression and liquefaction, which are now established and efficient approaches, but they involve huge problems of safety and the associated costs of compression work and cooling are non-negligible.
The third and very promising alternative is to store hydrogen in the form of metal hydrides which have been under intense scrutiny for many years, offering safe, reversible hydrogen storage.

The result of ten years of research and development, McStore is a culmination of the work done on the solid-state storage technology.

The technology McStore by McPhy is the achievement of these years of R&D.

Comparable to « traditional » solutions of high pressure storage or liquid form, the McStore technology recovers renewable source energies while assuring:

  • Ease of installation & ease of use: our “plug and play” storage modules can easily be integrated into the Client’s environment,
  • A completely reversible system,
  • Flexible and reactive use: absorbs variations in electrolyzer-produced hydrogen, ideal when it comes to storing intermittent renewable energy,
  • Freedom from logistical constraints linked to the transport of hydrogen in cylinder racks,
  • 10 years of operation free of intensive maintenance,
  • A maximum level of security.

Having multi applications, hydrogen stored in solid form is intended for hydrogen energy applications, industrial hydrogen or mobility.

Did you know?

Our low temperature metal hydrides are not a hazardous substance!
They are non-flammable and don’t react when they come into contact with water.

Focus on an achievement


A unique demonstrator in Italy (Puglia Region), integrating a 750 kg solid-state storage solution designed by McPhy.

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