A modular approach to the storage of hydrogen

After the conversion of electricity into hydrogen through electrolysis, the McStore module stocks energy in solid form in complete security thanks to a low pressure protocol.

McStore, a unique solid-state storage technology

In its standard configuration, the McStore is a module composed of 12 cylinders offering a total storage capacity of 90 Nm3, or 8 kg of hydrogen. This storage solution for hydrogen integrates the thermal transfer circuit and thermal insulation.

The modularity of the McStore solution allows for a custom made design for large scale storage systems, thanks to a parallel connection to several storage modules.

OptionsMcStore 8
Thermal management module Available
Gas panel module Available
Control module Available
Coupling electrolyzer Applicable for McLyzer
Coupling HRS (hydrogen refueling station) Applicable for McFilling

Our products are CE marked, in full compliance with the EU directives [DESP 2014/68/EU ]


The performances of the storage depend on the pressure and the temperature of operation.

For example, the storage can:

  • Absorb an average flow rate of 6.6 Nm3/h over 10 hours when cooled at 20 °C and kept under a 20 barg hydrogen pressure
  • Release an average flow rate of 6.6 Nm3/h in 10 hours under an 8 barg hydrogen pressure when heated at a 90 °C HTF temperature

In this case, the storage capacity is about 66 Nm3 (6 kg) of hydrogen.


McStore’s auxiliaries:

  • Thermal Management module
  • Gas panel module
  • Control module

Focus on an achievement


A unique demonstrator in Italy (Puglia Region), integrating a 750 kg solid-state storage solution designed by McPhy.

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