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Whatever your activity, we design hydrogen solutions best suited to your reality and business.
Our vision is pragmatic: it’s all about using our hydrogen expertise to enhance your productivity, energy efficiency and economic performance.

Hydrogen can be turned into clean fuel to charge the hydrogen vehicles, injected into the gas networks, used as a raw material for the industry, or as an energy storage solution to give the flexibility requested for the smart grids monitoring. Let’s discover its wide range of applications.

Hydrogen: a multi-applications energy carrier


Hydrogen refueling stations for the zero-emission mobility: captive fleets (utility vehicles, forklifts), public transportation (buses), urban cars (privately owned vehicles)

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to Gas

Valorization and massive storage of renewable energy through natural gas networks or chemical processes

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Our electrolyzers to supply the industrial sites with low carbon hydrogen, reconciling the issues of productivity and social responsibility

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Hydrogen in the territories

A local production approach and a wide range of uses anchored in the territories’ reality: mobility, storage, housing, …

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Energy storage | Power to Power

Solution for the renewable energy’s surplus production: for isolated sites and as a backup solution for energy autonomy

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Research and

To contribute to both the deployment of innovative hydrogen solutions, and the development of promising business models

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