Paglia Orba

Hydrogen put at the service of the energy autonomy in an island environment

The objective of the smart platform, installed at the University of Corse Pasquale Paoli in Ajaccio, is to experience both the energy storage and network management technologies, in an island environment.

The platform combines various electrical production facilities, among which a photovoltaic array. Our McLyzer 10-10 produces there a “green hydrogen” to manage power fluctuations of intermittent renewable energy sources and send power back to the micro-network in the evening.

A second tender process will soon allow the installation to be completed by a hydrogen storage solution, such as LTS / McStore.

If the results are conclusive, hydrogen energy is expected to address new fields of application such as hydrogen mobility and,it is hopped, to be disseminated throughout the “Île de Beauté”.

| Applications

  • Research and innovation
  • Energy storage | Power to Power
  • Hydrogen in the territories

Learn more about the hydrogen applications by visiting the section: “Your Applications”.


| Products and Solutions

  • Electrolyzer McLyzer 10-10
  • McStore (planned for the project’s 2nd stage)

Learn more about the solutions by visiting the section: “Our products and solutions”.


| Client

  • Université de Corse Pasquale di Paoli, CNRS, CEA
  • Location: Paglia Orba |Corse (France)
  • Commissioning : 2016

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