McPhy’s health, safety, quality and environment policy

McPhy helps to carry out complex projects representing numerous technological, industrial, environmental and economic challenges. These projects require the implementation of rigorous methods in terms of design, production, monitoring, installation and compliance guarantees.

Strong commitment at all levels within the Group

Rigor in terms of SQE is a top requirement which can be found at all levels within the McPhy Group Each employee plays a key role in the correct application of the quality management system.
Put in place in 2015, its aim is to manage its activities through an approach focusing on processes and risk management, and to contribute to the Group’s sustainable growth.
In this scope, the Group’s Management team has set itself the following goals:

  • To continuously ensure the health and safety of employees, contractors and the users of our equipment
  • To continuously provide optimum services and attention to Customers’ needs to ensure their satisfaction
  • To provide equipment and services with the highest level of quality and safety
  • To continuously search for the economic optimum for our Customers while making the margins necessary to ensure the company’s growth
  • To ensure the respect of different cultures, collaboration between teams, and the necessary rigor in terms of techniques and organization
  • To promote training for employees, and anticipate the evolution of their careers

Quality policy, standards and certifications: a pro-active approach

All of McPhy’s hydrogen equipment and solutions are certified in compliance with applicable regulations.
See our “Products and Solutions” section for more information.
At our three sites, our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified.
McPhy is also active among hydrogen standardization committees alongside industry players, manufacturers, legislative bodies, car manufacturers, etc.
We give advice, make recommendations, and contribute to the drafting and publication of safe and pragmatic hydrogen standards.

Focus on… The TC 197 mirror committee: “Hydrogen technologies”

Made up of 20 or so countries, the TC 197 mirror committee focuses on the standardization of technologies for the production, storage, transport and measurement of hydrogen.
McPhy is part of the following French standards committee, overseen by the CEA and Afnor, for working groups directly linked to our core activity:

  • Group 24: “ISO 19880-1: hydrogen fueling stations”
  • Group 25: “ISO 16111: hydride storage systems”
  • Working group: electrolyzers
  • Working group 5: hydrogen stations in Europe