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Power-to-gas, a solution for the future

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[FR] “Le Power-to-gas pourrait être un levier utilisé par la France pour répondre aux objectifs ambitieux qu’elle s’est fixée en termes de production d’EnR et de réduction de gaz à effet de serre. […] Depuis plusieurs années maintenant, on entend parler de « Power-to-gas », c’est à dire de la conversion d’électricité en gaz. Pouvez-vous nous expliquer en quoi cela consiste ? Quel est l’intérêt d’une telle opération ?”

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Jupiter 1000 and the hydrogen economy

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“The EUR30 million Jupiter 1000 power-to-gas project at the port of Marseille is the first industrial scale demonstrator of its type that points the way to a future green hydrogen economy.
[…] “Jupiter 1000 mobilises French partners with complementary skills,” Dagnet added, “including McPhy Energy for electrolysis, Leroux and Lotz Technologies for CO2 capture, and Atmostat and the Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission for methane and R&D. The Compagnie Nationale du Rhone provides renewable electricity and will also ensure future remote operation of the facility. Lastly, GRTgaz and Transport et Infrastructures Gaz France will be in charge of the injection into gas networks.”

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Take 5 with… Laurent Carme, CEO of McPhy

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“Hydrogen energy is at a turning point, with various start-up companies of the past decade transitioning from R&D driven organisations to embrace industrialisation. Scale-up and concrete realisation of hydrogen’s future role is the order of the day.

One such company managing this transformation and preparing for a profitable future, with a purpose, is McPhy Energy. In an exclusive interview to explore the company’s past, present and future, as well as its product differentiation, H2 View spoke with CEO Laurent Carme.”

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