McLyzer range: 200 to 3200 Nm3/h at 30 bar

At 30 bar and from 200 Nm3/h, McLyzer’s range of high-capacity electrolyzers can generate hydrogen in large volumes for “heavy” industries and/or continuous applications. Range especially adapted for Power to Gas and industrial hydrogen applications.

The McLyzer range offers two solutions: A standardized range (see above) up to 3200 Nm3/h, completed by customizable system set-ups for large-scale installations (multi-MW solutions based on our disruptive Augmented McLyzer technology).

Models Pressure (barg) Rated output of H2 (Nm3/h) Power Class Specific DC consumption at rated output (kWh/Nm3)
McLyzer 200-30 30 200 1 MW 4,65
McLyzer 400-30 30 400 2 MW 4,65
McLyzer 800-30 30 800 4 MW 4,65
McLyzer 3200-30 30 3200 16 MW 4,65

All our equipment is marked CE, in full compliance with the European Union directives [machinery, low voltage, electromagnetic compatibility, pressure equipment]. Conforms with standard ISO 22734-1: 2008.

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A large range of options is available for the McLyzer range of electrolyzers. Contact us for more details.

  • H2 purification
  • Demineralization
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Cooling
  • Container / shelter for outdoor installation
  • Oxygen production
  • Compression
  • Interconnectivity with McFilling (hydrogen station)

Focus on our achievements…

McLyzer low-carbon hydrogen production solutions have been approved and selected by renowned companies in the following sectors:

  • Mobility: Combination of McLyzer electrolyzers and McFilling hydrogen stations, like with the following projects: SMT AG, Zero Emission Valley and Dijon Métropole Smart EnergHy
  • Industry: refining, steel-work, chemistry, such as with the Audi E-Gas or EnergieDienst projects
  • Power to Gas: a combination of electrolyzers and renewable energies, and injection into the gas network, such as with the Jupiter 1000 project, the first MW-scale demonstrator in France.

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