McFilling Starter Kit: hydrogen station to get low-emission mobility rolling

To enable the rapid introduction of a hydrogen refueling infrastructure, as early as 2019, McPhy developed a “Starter Kit” (Station with a capacity of 5 to 50 kg hydrogen per day). It features robust technology that has demonstrated a very high level of availability. Its compact design and modular possibilities enable it to be adapted for using on other project phases.

In 2019, McPhy developed a new generation of Starter Kits (5-50 kg per day) equipped with an infra-red connector that provides a vehicle refueling solution with a dispensing pressure of 350 bar and a partial refueling solution (around 60%) for vehicles requiring a 700 bar charge pressure.

McPhy station hydrogène Sorigny
Models Quantity of H2/day (kg) Pressure (barg) Source H2 Vehicles concerned Peak output Surface footprint (m²)
Starter Kit 5-50 350 H2 under pressure (200 bar) Vehicles: Cars, logistics, forklift, trucks > 6 kg 11 m²

All our equipment is marked CE, with a declaration of conformity in accordance with applicable directives. They comply with the SAE J2601 fueling protocol.

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Advantages of hydrogen stations – Small capacity

  • 5 to 50 kg of hydrogen per day, ideal for getting started with your hydrogen project
  • Dispensing pressure of 350 bar
  • Fast refueling time
  • Compact: station module with a low surface footprint
  • Plug and Play: Easy to install and use
  • McPhy provides support for regulatory formalities and for the deployment of safety measures on site

Some of our references: EAS-Hymob in Normandy, Total in Le Mans, ENGIE for the MIN of Rungis, and ENGIE Lab Singapore, Valence Romans Agglo Sud Rhône-Alpes, City of Paris


Several options are available for our hydrogen stations according to your needs:

  • Additional high pressure storage
  • IR communication: 700 bar compatibility (partial refueling)
  • On-site hydrogen production from electrolysis
  • Integration (shelter)
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Customized stickers for the McFilling range

Focus on an achievement

McPhy Station hydrogène EasHymob


McPhy has provided 8 McFilling 20-350 “Starter Kit” hydrogen stations for rolling out hydrogen mobility in Normandy.

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