Hydrogen stations distributing large volumes daily

Discover our McFilling large capacity line, a complete range of hydrogen stations to supply large fleets of H2 vehicles (stations for buses, for the general public, etc.).

McFilling: hydrogen stations producing 200 to 2,000 kg of H2/day at 350 and/or 700 bar

From 200 kg of hydrogen per day, at 350 or 700 bar, McFilling hydrogen stations are designed to meet all your hydrogen mobility needs.
They can be interfaced with an electrolysis module coupled with local renewable energy sources for clean, low-emission mobility.

Models Quantity of H2 / day (kg) Pressure (barg) H2 source Vehicles concerned Peak output Surface footprint (m²)
McFilling 350 200 to 2000 350 Electrolysis on site (30 bar) or H2 under pressure (until 500 bar) Light vehicles & heavy-duty vehicles: buses, trains, trucks, boats > 100 kg in 1 hour 10 m² (compression shelters)
McFilling Dual Pressure 200 to 1000 350 & 700 Electrolysis on site (30 bar) or H2 under pressure (until 500 bar) Light vehicles & heavy-duty vehicles: buses, trains, trucks, boats > 100 kg in 3 hours 10 m² (compression shelters)

All our equipment is marked CE, with a declaration of conformity in accordance with applicable directives. They comply with the SAE J2601 fueling protocol

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Advantages of McFilling hydrogen stations – Large capacity

  • From 200 to 2,000 kg or more of H2/day
  • At 350 and/or 700 bar: a modular approach for meeting every need of our Customers
  • Can be interfaced with an electrolyzer for true, clean low-emission mobility: Production and distribution of low-carbon hydrogen
  • Modular equipment designed to drive the progressive decarbonization of the transport sector.
  • Fast refueling time
  • Compact: Station modules with a low surface footprint which can be installed away from one another
  • Plug and Play: Easy to install and use
  • McPhy provides support for regulatory formalities and for the deployment of safety measures on site

Customers who trust us: SMT AG for the first hydrogen station for buses in France using an electrolyzer, Sarreguemines Confluences Agglomeration Community / Station FaHyence (the first station is France coupled with an electrolyzer)…


  • Additional storage: high, medium and low pressure
  • Pre-cooling / Cooling: McFormula for the “Dual Pressure” terminal
  • On-site hydrogen production from electrolysis
  • Monitoring
  • Parallel filling with up to two dispensers
  • Filling of “trailer tubes”
  • Addition of up to four dispensers

Focus on an achievement

McPhy station hydrogène SMT AG Lens Bethune Hauts de France


McPhy installed France’s first hydrogen station for buses, producing its own hydrogen on site from electrolysis, a true, clean mobility chain!

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