The McPhy Group

We believe in a new society, with an energy model that is even more sustainable and uses low carbon energy.
Our company project “Driving clean energy forward” reflects our ambition to roll out hydrogen applications and, more broadly, to spread the use of clean energy throughout the world.

A “Pure Player”, McPhy is a key industrial player in the hydrogen sector, and has a unique position on the market, with expertise working with the entire hydrogen value chain.

As a specialist in hydrogen production and distribution equipment, McPhy contributes to the worldwide deployment of clean hydrogen as a solution for successful energy revolution.

As a designer, manufacturer and integrator of hydrogen equipment since 2008, a true pioneer of the industry, we invite you to discover not only our history, but also the hydrogen vision that the McPhy group carries throughout the world.

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“Driving clean energy forward”

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An international presence: European engineering and manufacturing, sales coverage and global services

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Standards, certificates and quality policy: a proactive approach

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