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As a leading industrial player in hydrogen production and valorization equipment, McPhy contributes to the global development of low-carbon hydrogen as a solution for the energy transition.

The industry leader in hydrogen technologies

Since 2008, McPhy has emerged as a key player in the global hydrogen market.

Our mission: to support our European customers in the industry, mobility and energy sectors in their decarbonization efforts, through low-carbon hydrogen.

As a leading “pure player” in the field, McPhy designs and manufactures a range of hydrogen production and valorization equipment, including electrolyzers built on robust and proven technology: pressurized alkaline electrolysis.

As a true “European native” enterprise, with engineering and production facilities in France, Germany, and Italy, McPhy boasts a strong European industrial and commercial presence.

Since 2021, the group has undergone a significant scaling-up process to industrially and competitively contribute to large-scale projects, aligning with France and Europe’s ambitions for low-carbon hydrogen production.

Today, we are accelerating this process by bolstering our technological leadership, solidifying our portfolio of commercial references, industrializing our production sites, and enhancing our team of experts.

With this shift to industrial scale and the advancement of our technologies, McPhy is poised to address the environmental, technological, and economic challenges of tomorrow.

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