Jupiter 1000

1 MW electrolysis solution for the project that sets the stage for the deployment of the French Power to Gas sector

GRTgaz (coordinator of the project) selects McPhy Energy for the Jupiter 1000 project of Fos-sur-Mer in France.

As part of the Jupiter 1000 project, McPhy Energy will supply GRTgaz with hydrogen production equipment with a total power of 1 MW.

As key components of this project, McPhy Energy electrolysers transform surplus energy originating from renewable sources into hydrogen. This green hydrogen will be injected into the natural gas network either directly or after transformation into methane, the principal constituent of natural gas.

Jupiter 1000 is the first French Power to Gas project seeking to store renewable electricity by injecting hydrogen and methane synthesis into the gas supply network. This project sets the stage for the deployment of the French Power-to-Gas sector.

“After the hybrid Prenzlau power plant in Germany commissioned in November 2014, we are particularly pleased in having been selected to provide the electrolysis technology to produce hydrogen derived from renewable electricity at Fos-sur-Mer. We wish to thank GRTgaz and the partners of the Jupiter 1000 project for this show of confidence This project marks the first step in launching Power to Gas in France. This sector has already demonstrated its efficacy in other countries in contributing to building essential new models for energy transition”, concluded McPhy Energy’s Chairman and CEO, Pascal Mauberger.

| Application

  • Power to Gas

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| Products and Solutions

  • Electrolyzers (1 MW)

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| Client

  • GRTGaz
  • Location: Fos sur Mer (France)
  • Commissioning : 2018

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