Hydrogen refueling stations McPhy
| Available options

A wide range of options is available: (ask us for more details)

Options Small and Medium capacities Large capacity | McFilling
Additional High-Pressure Storage Available Available
Precooling (SAE J2601 compliance) Not applicable Included in the standard version of 700 bar (T40) | Optional for the 350 bar stations
IR communication (SAE J2799 compliance) Not applicable Available for: McFilling 100-700 and 200-700
Onsite H2 production (electrolyzer) Not applicable for theMcFilling 20-350 model Available
Skid integration Shelter The McFilling 40-350 model is shelterized | For the other stations: container available in option
Remote monitoring Available Available
Customization (product marking) Available on McFilling only Available

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