A first reference for maritime mobility in Nantes

• McFilling small capacity allows the refueling of hydrogen-powered public transport vessel
• Port Boyer, Nantes | Commissioning: August 2019

McPhy has commissioned in 2019 a hydrogen station for maritime mobility in Nantes. It allows the refueling of “Jules Verne 2”, a hydrogen-powered public transport vessel.

A French first of its kind in terms of waterways: the “Jules Verne 2” is a hydrogen-powered public transport electric boat for the “Navibus Passeur sur l’Erdre” service. This river service connects Port-Boyer and Petit Port / Faculties and operates all year round.
The ship has an electric power of 2 x 5 kW, its hydrogen consumption is 1.3 kg/day, for a capacity of 12 passengers and 8 bicycle spaces.

This shuttle is a zero emissions one: it emits no greenhouse gases and is silent. In this sense, it is perfectly adapted to navigation on protected waterways.

A first reference for McPhy in maritime mobility sector.

As part of this project, McPhy has installed in August 2019 a McFilling hydrogen station capable of delivering up to 10 kg of hydrogen/day at 350 bar. The station is located in Port Boyer and supplies hydrogen to the Semitan’s Navibus Jules Verne 2.
This H2 project in the service of clean mobility helps to drastically reduce the environmental impact of transport, and contributes to the development of the hydrogen energy in the Nantes and Pays de la Loire Region.

August 30, 2019: inauguration on the Port Boyer pontoon

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  • Hydrogen mobility
  • H2 in the territories

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  • McFilling small capacity

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  • Location: Port Boyer, Nantes (France)
  • Commissioning: August 2019

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