McPhy station hydrogène Sorigny

The first H2 station in the “Centre Val de Loire” Region

The “Centre Val de Loire” Region (France) has chosen McPhy to manufacture and install its first hydrogen station, located in the HySOPARC of Sorigny (business park of the “Touraine Vallée de l’Indre” territory).

• Supplies a fleet of 10 commercial vehicles
• Sorigny, France | Commissioning: 2019

A pioneering and accelerating project for zero emission mobility.

Inaugurated on September 21st, 2019, this first hydrogen station in the “Centre Val de Loire” Region is fully in line with the region’s development strategy.

The HySOPARC project embodies the dynamism of the territories in favor of the deployment of clean mobility solutions, including hydrogen mobility. It allows the “Communauté de Communes Touraine Vallée de l’Indre” to affirm its hydrogen strategy and to position itself as a regional precursor for the deployment of hydrogen mobility.

Located in the Hysoparc de Sorigny (business park of the “Touraine Vallée de l’Indre” territory), the McFilling by McPhy station distributes 20 kg of hydrogen per day at 350 bar. It is intended, in the first phase of the project, to supply a fleet of 10 Kangoos H2-ZE. Powered by hydrogen, these utility vehicles have a range of 350 km after recharging with hydrogen in less than 5 minutes.

The second phase of the project, which should be completed by 2020, involves the installation of hydrogen production equipment on site, with a photovoltaic park to supply green electricity. The station will then have the capacity to produce clean hydrogen on site for all types of hydrogen vehicles in the territory, including a fleet of “zero emission” waste bins.

The September 21st, 2019: inauguration of the McFilling 20-350 hydrogen station

| Markets

  • Hydrogen mobility
  • Hydrogen for local communities

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| Equipment & Services

  • McFilling 20-350

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| Customer

  • Communauté des Communes de Touraine Vallée de l’Indre
  • Location: Sorigny
  • Commissioning: September 2019

Read the press kit of the inauguration of the station of Sorigny [FR].

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