A first hydrogen production and distribution system to be implemented in an airport area

Equipped with a complete zero-carbon hydrogen chain, the HYPORT project meets new mobility and logistics needs of Toulouse-Blagnac airport.
McPhy will equip Toulouse-Blagnac airport with two hydrogen stations: 1 Dual Pressure high-capacity station: 400 kg/d to be deployed in public zone and 1 Starter Kit (20 kg/d at 350 bar), in private restricted zone for airport services.

• A 1 MW alkaline electrolysis platform will complete the equipment to produce green hydrogen on-site
• Toulouse, France | Contract: 2020, deployment end of 2021

McPhy and HYPORT contribute to decarbonize airport areas

McPhy will be a key partner of HYPORT to equip Toulouse-Blagnac airport with a complete zero-carbon hydrogen chain.

The equipment will me made of two hydrogen stations set up in the immediate surroundings of the airport’s runways and roadways. An electrolyzer will also be deployed, with a capacity of 400 kg per day, or the equivalent of 1 MW. It will supply the stations and the nearby industrial sites in green hydrogen.

To meet the airport area needs, a first station “Strater Kit” will be set up in a private restricted zone for airport services.

Equipped with “Dual Pressure” configuration (two distribution pressures: 350 and 700 bar) the second station will be deployed in a public zone  and enable all types of vehicles (buses, light commercial vehicles, captive fleets, large goods vehicles, etc.) to be refueled with hydrogen.

This complete zero-carbon hydrogen production and distribution solution, scheduled for the end of 2021, will power nearly 200 vehicles, including a fleet of 4 buses operated by Transdev to transport passengers within the airport.

Beyond its pioneering nature, this project aims to support the deployment of hydrogen as a solution for the energy transition in the airport and aeronautical sector.

Combining mobility, logistics and industrial uses, airports constitute real energy hubs, ideal for the development of hydrogen-based ecosystems. Airport areas are contributing to the so-called “zero-emission” strategies and to fight against climate change.

Project supported by the Région Occitanie & ADEME

This project is supported by the Région Occitanie, the ADEME (the agency for ecological transition) and the JIVE 2 project, co-financed by the FCH JU.

| Markets

  • Hydrogen Mobility
  • Hydrogen for local communities

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| Equipment & Services

  • 1 MW alkaline electrolysis platform
  • 1 Dual Pressure high-capacity station: 400 kg/d
  • 1 Starter Kit (20 kg/d at 350 bar)

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| Customer

  • Location: Toulouse, France
  • Commissioning: 2021