APEX Energy

Zero-carbon hydrogen production platform

• Supplies the headquarters of the Group and a commercial area with electricity and heating
• Producing over 300 tons of zero-carbon hydrogen from renewable energy per year
• Rostock-Laage, Germany | Commissioning: 2020

McPhy equips the zero-carbon hydrogen production plant of the German engineering and cleantech company Apex Energy.

More than 300 tons of zero-carbon hydrogen per year are produced from renewable energy sources.

McPhy has installed a 2 MW high power electrolysis platform (McLyzer 400-30), producing more than 300 tons of zero-carbon hydrogen per year from renewable energy.
Based in Rostock-Laage, this zero-carbon hydrogen production platform is dedicated to supplying electricity and heating to the head office and a commercial area using a fuel cell.
Apex Energy’s plant represents an important milestone in the industrialization of the hydrogen sector and demonstrates the growing interest of manufacturers who are making a strategic shift towards low-carbon energy.

| Markets

  • Industrial Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen for local communities

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| Equipment & Services

  • McLyzer 400-30

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| Customer

  • Apex Energy
  • Location: Rostock-Laage, Germany
  • Commissioning: 2020

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