By installing 4 MW of electrolysis capacity in China, McPhy demonstrates its expertise in managing international projects

• Zero-carbon hydrogen production platform (4 MW), from a wind farm
• Very fast dynamic response, adapted to renewable energy variations
• Strengthens McPhy’s positioning on international multi-MW projects
• Hebei Province, China | Delivery: 2017

McPhy offer tailor-made solutions to ensure a balance between energy supply and demand in the In the China Hebei province’ networks.

The solution delivered to Hebei Province is a compact 4 MW hydrogen generation equipment including two McLyzer 400-30 modules, transformers, power electronics, a purification and drying unit, as well as a solid-state storage module, initiating a complete chain of renewable electricity surplus valorization in the heart of China.

The McPhy system converts and stores renewable electricity surplus produced by a 200 MW wind farm into clean hydrogen. This project represents a major reference for McPhy, which confirms its ability to execute projects for the massive conversion of renewable energy into hydrogen for injection into the grid or as a raw material. As well as its ability to manage major international projects.

Perfectly adapted to the variability of renewable energies, McLyzer rapid response electrolyzers offer energy companies a relevant solution to ensure the stability of electricity networks.

Departure of the equipment from our stack factory located in San Miniato, Italy.

| Markets

  • Power to Gas
  • Hydrogen territories
  • Energy storage (solar park)

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| Equipment & Services

  • 2 McLyzer 400-30

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| Client

  • Jiantou Yanshan (Guyuan) Wind Energy
  • Location: Hebei (China)
  • Commissioning: 2017

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