SimpleFuel Team Hosts ‘Demo-Day’

[10 Nov. 2016]

The event hosted at the headquarters of PDC Machines in Warminster, PA was attended by the members of the Department of Energy, industry participants, local government officials and the public interested in seeing the operation of the refueler and the fueling of a production model Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell CUV.

SimpleFuel is a team comprised of three companies: Ivys Energy Solutions, PDC Machines, and McPhy North America, who bring together decades of industry experience in system integration, compression and electrolysis. The SimpleFuel product, is aimed at addressing specific needs of the hydrogen infrastructure in the automotive and industrial mobility applications. The team is currently using a Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell to demonstrate the system and expects to work with other automotive manufacturers in the near future to validate the product for automotive fueling.

“In order to make hydrogen fuel and fuel cell vehicles more accessible to customers worldwide, we developed SimpleFuel as a cost effective, safe and reliable fueling solution” said Darryl Pollica, the CEO of Ivys Energy Solutions. ‘We are delighted to have the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell CUV as a part of this project as it allows us to demonstrate the performance and capabilities of SimpleFuel with a commercially-available vehicle from Hyundai”.

The team is also working to deliver products in the industrial mobility market to support fueling of fuel cell forklifts in small and medium sized distribution centers. One of the advantages of a SimpleFuel Refuler is that it can be installed inside a distribution center which eliminates logistics risk of hydrogen delivery and operation under extreme weather conditions.

The testing for the H-Prize competition is expected to be complete in December 2016 following which the team will continue to work with customers, partners and suppliers to enable a commercial launch of the product in early 2017.

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