CEOG Project

McPhy selected to equip the world’s first multi-megawatt hydrogen power plant

• The CEOG Power Plant (Centrale Électrique de l’Ouest Guyanais or Western French Guiana Power Plant) will be equipped with 16 MW of high-power electrolysis supplied by McPhy, contributing to the massive storage of renewable energy in the form of hydrogen
• With leading partners such as Meridiam, HDF, SARA and McPhy, the CEOG project illustrates the willingness to cooperate for the development of a competitive industrial renewable hydrogen sector
• The first outdoor configuration of McPhy’s alkaline electrolysis, ideal for installation in hard-to-reach geographical areas

La Motte-Fanjas, 29 September, 2021 (05.45 pm CEST) – McPhy (Euronext Paris: MCPHY – ISIN: FR0011742329), (the “Company”), specialized in zero-carbon hydrogen production and distribution equipment (electrolyzers and refueling stations), today announces that it has been selected to equip the Centrale Électrique de l’Ouest Guyanais (“CEOG” or Western French Guiana Power Plant), the world’s largest power plant project combining photovoltaic energy and massive storage of 128 MWh, mainly in the form of hydrogen. The aim of this project is to produce a stable and continuous power, night and day, like a thermal power station but without any pollution.

The CEOG project highlights our technological expertise and McPhy’s ability to contribute to the scale-up of hydrogen solutions.

Luc Poyer, Chairman and acting CEO of McPhy, states: “The CEOG project is distinguished by its scope, its innovative character and the collaboration of leading manufacturers in a spirit of industry. We would like to thank Meridiam, SARA and HDF for having initiated this visionary project. By equipping the project with a 16 MW electrolysis platform, capable of producing 860 tons of green hydrogen per year, McPhy is demonstrating its technological and industrial capacity to participate in the CEOG project. This demonstrates our technological expertise and McPhy’s ability to contribute to the scaling up of hydrogen solutions for the energy transition.”

The CEOG project, the world’s largest hydrogen power plant project, to massively store renewable energies thanks to hydrogen

Designed and initiated by Hydrogène de France (“HDF”) and developed with the financial, strategic and operational support of Meridiam, a leader in investment and asset management in public infrastructure serving the local communities, the CEOG project represents a decisive milestone in the industrialization currently taking place in the hydrogen sector. Indeed, this major project allows the massive storage of intermittent renewable energies, on an industrial scale that is economically viable thanks to hydrogen.

Combining a photovoltaic solar farm, a high-power electrolyzer (16 MW), a hydrogen storage unit and high-power fuel cells, the CEOG plant will produce hydrogen that will be stored under pressure in tanks. This hydrogen will then be recombined with oxygen from the air in fuel cells to produce 24/7 non-polluting electricity and secure the supply of a competitively priced electricity, compared to the territory’s thermal power plants of the territory, to 10,000 households in French Guiana.

Each stakeholder will bring to the project its expertise in the fields of production, distribution and storage of green energies.

  • McPhy: a specialist in hydrogen production and distribution equipment, McPhy will supply the 16 MW Augmented McLyzer high-power electrolyzer, which will convert the electricity produced by the photovoltaic park into renewable hydrogen.
  • HDF: a global pioneer in hydrogen energy, HDF develops and operates multi-megawatts Hydrogen-to-Power power plants, incorporating its high-power fuel cells, to provide continuous or on-demand electricity from intermittent renewable energies.
  • Meridiam: a leader in public infrastructure investment and asset management for public authorities.
  • SARA (French West Indies refinery limited company, Group Rubis): a key player in energy production in the French West Indies and French Guiana for over 50 years.

McPhy’s 100% outdoor technology at the heart of one of the world’s largest high-power electrolysis projects

The 16 MW hydrogen production platform, scheduled to be commissioned in 2024, will be equipped with McPhy’s “Augmented McLyzer” innovative technology. The unique combination of high-pressure alkaline electrolysis (30 bar) and high current density electrodes will enable almost 860 tons of green hydrogen to be produced per year.

Based on non-polluting energies, CEOG will avoid the emission of 39,000 tons of CO2 per year compared to a fossil fuel power plant (1).
This project will also be the first time that McPhy will be offering an outdoor version of its alkaline electrolysis technology. In addition to being the most suitable solution for an isolated geographical area, containerization ensures a high level of profitability for the customer. Indeed, the reduction in civil engineering costs and the pre-assembly of the equipment directly in McPhy’s plants, make it possible to optimize time and total installation and assembly costs.

Because of its scope, its innovative nature and the collaboration of leading manufacturers, this contract positions McPhy at the forefront of large-scale hydrogen projects.


(1) ADEME study: : ; integrating CEOG’s carbon intensity of 0.136 kg CO2 eq/kWh; emission factor of the thermal kWh of the Guyanese coastline of 0.915 kg CO2 eq/kWh.

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In the framework of the energy transition, and as a leading supplier of hydrogen production and distribution equipment, McPhy contributes to the deployment of zero-carbon hydrogen throughout the world.

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