Hydrogen for light industry

McPhy remotely installs a complete hydrogen line for the preparation of metallic components for the DIAX industrial group

• The DIAX industrial group selected the Piel by McPhy electrolysis hydrogen and oxygen generation technology to equip its sintering diamond tools line
• The commissioning phase was entirely carried out remotely by McPhy teams in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

La Motte-Fanjas, June 4, 2020 – 5.45 CEST – McPhy (Euronext Paris Compartment C : MCPHY, FR0011742329) specialized in hydrogen production and distribution equipment, today announced the installation and remote commissioning of a complete Piel line (hydrogen and oxygen generators and their auxiliaries) for the DIAX industrial group, one of the world leaders of diamond tools in the Balkans market and Eastern Europe.

The Piel facilities provide a solid source of growth for McPhy and tangible economic solutions for pollution reduction for industrial companies that are concerned about their environment and committed to zero-carbon energy.

Laurent Carme, McPhy CEO, stated: “The achievement of this project demonstrates the perfect adequacy of the new design of our Piel line of equipment for light industry and confirms the constant deployment of this range internationally with a fleet of 3,000 pieces of equipment spread all over the world. This new commercial success also illustrates the growing commitment of light industry to the fight against climate change. By producing their own clean hydrogen on site, industrial companies ensure the decarbonation of their processes, cost control and energy independence. Finally, this commissioning was carried out remotely thanks to the digital supervision modules integrated in the new Piel design. The digitalization of our equipment is particularly useful in the current sanitary context, but also meets a strong demand from industrial groups which wish to obtain, in real time, a reading and an analysis of their production data, or to plan preventive maintenance operations, and thus gain in flexibility and productivity. Alongside multi-megawatt projects, the Piel facilities provide a solid source of growth for McPhy and tangible economic solutions for pollution reduction for industrial companies that are concerned about their environment and committed to zero-carbon energy.”

The commercial offer has proven to be a high-level product but with excellent value for money.

Klaser Djani, DIAX Director, added: “McPhy selection was based primarily on the availability shown by the Piel technical sales staff in wanting to meet customer needs by providing a system that was easy to manage and able to adapt to future expansion needs requested by DIAX, with a promise of post-sale technique assistance that exceeded expectations. This is Piel’s real strength, especially in an uncertain period such as the Covid-19 pandemic which brought a lot of additional constraints. Finally, the commercial offer has proven to be a high-level product but with excellent value for money.”

The choice of the complete chain from the new Piel range for a zero-carbon hydrogen production process adapted to light industry

Based in Bosnia, DIAX selected the complete line of Piel by McPhy hydrogen and nitrogen generators to equip its sintering diamond tools line. This equipment supplies clean energy to the whole sintering process of powder sintering, which is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material by heat or pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction.

Piel product line equipping the DIAX production line: electrolyzer (hydrogen production), oxygen, water and nitrogen generators, auxiliaries (filters, dryer, purification unit)

By selecting the complete Piel equipment chain, the DIAX company chose to produce its hydrogen on site, in order to free itself from the expensive and polluting logistical constraints linked to the transport of pressurized hydrogen cylinders. Besides, Piel ensures industrials energy independence and increased control of their costs by an on-site, on-demand and tailor-made way of production.

With more than 3,000 installations worldwide, the new Piel product range, whose design was completely overhauled in 2019, perfectly meets the hydrogen production equipment needs of light industry, when hydrogen requirements are less than 10 Nm3/h and or for discontinuous production patterns. This type of equipment is usually chosen by goldsmith and jewelry companies or meteorological institutes to inflate sounding balloons for example.

A commissioning phase executed remotely by McPhy teams as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

Due to Covid-19 outbreak, Piel products commissioning and start-up phases were carried out entirely remotely. The operation, finalized at the end of April, was possible by digital supervision modules integrated into the McPhy equipment, which allow to collect “machine” data in real time, or to interact remotely with the equipment, for example to carry out preventive or curative maintenance operations. McPhy teams were thus able to quickly and remotely start up the chain of equipment and supervise the necessary maintenance despite the constraints imposed.

Beyond preventive or corrective maintenance on the production line, the digitalization of Piel equipment allows time savings in travel time and reactivity, and provides DIAX more flexibility, while drastically improving the efficiency and profitability of their hydrogen production and storage system.

This installation of a complete Piel chain in the Balkans marks a new success in the development of the product range dedicated to light industry alongside the multi-megawatt installations and is part of the concrete fight against climate change and for green growth.

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