[Hydrogen Mobility] The French capital selects Idex-McPhy Energy

Mobility plan of the City of Paris: The French capital selects Idex-McPhy Energy to install and operate its first hydrogen refuelling station

[La Motte Fanjas, 27 October 2015]

The City of Paris has made reducing air pollution a top priority. With this goal, as it innovates and plans for the future of its light utility vehicle fleet, the French capital has selected the Idex-McPhy Energy team to install and manage the hydrogen refueling station to be located in Ivry-sur-Seine.

This station will be inaugurated during the COP21 to be held from 30 November to 11 December of this year. This project is in line with both the ambitious mobility plan being adopted by the City of Paris as well as the objectives of combating pollution and global warming to be reaffirmed during COP21.

In effect, the development of emission free mobility by increased use of electric vehicles powered by water electrolysis-produced hydrogen, provides a particularly suitable response to this priority.

For McPhy Energy, specialised in hydrogen production and storage equipment for industry and energy markets, this is the third hydrogen refuelling station awarded to it in France in the last two months. This facility will make use of technologies developed by McPhy Energy for refuelling stations (McFilling®).

Idex, the leading independent provider of energy efficiency solutions in France, will be responsible for installing and operating this service station. In this way, Idex confirmed its commitment to become a leading provider operating across all existing and future markets using hydrogen.

“By winning with our partner, Idex, this call for tenders by France’s most important city, McPhy Energy has once again demonstrated the perfect alignment of its offering of modular refuelling stations with the needs for deploying soft hydrogen infrastructure easily integrated at the local level of major urban regions. We are particularly proud of being able to demonstrate in this way the relevance of hydrogen mobility as a means of reducing the emission of pollutants in the transportation sector during an event of such symbolic importance as the COP21” concluded McPhy Energy’s Chairman and CEO, Pascal Mauberger.

“Certain links in the hydrogen chain are destined to play a major role in managing the energy mix of the sustainable city: renewable energies, storage, fuel cells, demand response and capacity markets, etc. are all features that Idex wants to incorporate in its offerings of tomorrow. Our commitment to remain on the cutting edge of innovation for infrastructures and buildings requires expertise covering all expertise in hydrogen technologies” explained Idex’ Chairman, Thierry Franck de Préaumont.