Hydrogen mobility

Hydrogen is the only energy that would allow heavy-duty transport (trains, buses, trucks, boats) to transition to zero-emissions transportation. An essential step in achieving the objectives of reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions and limiting global warming to 2° C (3.6° F), the decarbonization of heavy-duty transport is accelerating around the world. It involves drastically reducing the sector’s environment al impact by freeing it from fossil fuels, while offering users a performance similar to that of “traditional” transport.

Communities, fleet managers of automobiles or of public transport, car manufacturers, logistic platform operators, or private individuals:  switch to hydrogen mobility and contribute to improving air quality!

Zero noise and zero emission: the hydrogen mobility helps keep the air clean and improves the quality of life

Hydrogen vehicles have a drastically reduced ecological footprint and offer a steady increase in performance, equivalent with those of “traditional” standards of transportation.

  • High energy density = vehicle range over long distances, to ensure the continuity of your services
  • Quick recharge, within minutes, at a H2 station
  • Fast refueling = high vehicle turnover = optimization of the compactness of the filling station
  • Motor with good reaction time and “zero noise”, completely silent, for your driving comfort
  • Zero atmospheric pollution: those clean vehicles have the particularity of only emitting a little water vapor
  • Not forgetting that hydrogen creates value: innovation opportunities, decentralized energy, exploitation of renewables, cost control, skill improvement and job creation at the heart of companies and the territories.

By land (urban and utility vehicles, bus, lift trucks…), rail (hydrogen trains), sea (hydrogen boats) or by air (hydrogen airplanes, drones): all types of mobility are involved.

Hydrogen is a competitive energy

  • A low-carbon hydrogen, produced on site by alkaline electrolysis, cost-competitive with carbonated hydrogen (SMR)
  • A clean alternative fuel, whose price at the pump is competitive with diesel
  • “Bigger scale, lower costs”: The scaling up and industrialization of hydrogen stations will make it possible to bring about a drastic reduction in the purchasing costs and the democratization of hydrogen mobility.

Clean mobility: an essential link in the success for energy transition and the emergence of a low-carbon society.

Hydrogen mobility contributes to:

  • Address the climate challenge
  • Ease the renewable energy integration
  • Help clean the air and improve the quality of life
  • Ensure economic development in territories and companies, in consultation with stakeholders

Thanks to its innovative solutions and industrial know how, McPhy permits communities, enterprises, constructors or car fleet managers to simply, quickly and efficiently initiate a hydrogen station project.

McFilling & Augmented McFilling hydrogen refueling stations
Our commitment to zero-emission mobility

We engineer hydrogen stations that are “Fit for purpose. Ready for the future”. We offer solutions that adapt to your application requirements and your usage scenarios, whatever size they may be, and not the other way around.

Dimensioned according to your real needs, our turnkey hydrogen stations allow you to initiate hydrogen mobility rapidly, simply and efficiently into your company or territory.

  • From 10/20 to +several thousands of kg H2/day
  • 350 and/or 700 bar
  • Optional: on-site hydrogen production (electrolyzer)
  • For all hydrogen mobility: utility vehicles, lift trucks, urban vehicles, bus, heavy-duty transportation …

Just a few of our customers: Hauts de France (bus station), City of Paris, CA Valence Romans, ENGIE GNVert, CA Sarreguemines Confluences, ENGIE Lab Singapour

Hydrogen Refueling Stations

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Compliance with McLyzer, to achieve an on-site / on-demand decarbonized hydrogen production

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Focus on an achievement

FaHyence | CASC

Designed and integrated by McPhy, the FaHyence’s system is the first hydrogen refueling station in France to produce (on-site) its own green hydrogen.
A real #CleanEnergy solution at the service of zero-emission mobility.

Interested in the hydrogen mobility?

We offer you tailored advice and support during all phases of the project, to align our hydrogen refueling station with your specific needs.

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