Produce your hydrogen on-site, on demand and according to your specifications

Thanks to the fast and dynamic response of our electrolyzers, on-site hydrogen production is guaranteed, ensuring our Customers complete control of their processes and costs.

Piel and McLyzer: two complementary ranges of electrolyzers to cover all your needs

McPhy proposes the widest range of electrolyzers on the market.
From 0.4 to 800 Nm3/h, and above all thanks to their multi-MW designs, over a range of pressures from 1 to 30 bar, our electrolyzers are designed to cover all your needs in terms of flow rate, pressure and purity; from light applications (ex: jewelry) to multi-MW designs (ex: heavy-duty transportation or heavy-duty industry).

Small and medium units

Piel  Line
0.4 to 12 Nm3/h | 1 to 8 bar
Dedicated to light industry

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Large capacity

10 to 800 Nm3/h | 10 to 30 bar
Uninterrupted and/or large volumes of Hproduction

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Augmented McLyzer: new generation alkaline electrolysis for 20 to more than 100 MW architectures

A true breakthrough technology, our “Augmented McLyzer” electrolyzers combine the reliability and the maturity of alkaline technology with great flexibility.
Based on a 4 MW module design, our systems are created to scale up with your operating rhythm.

Large scale electrolysis

Augmented McLyzer
20, 100 MW and more at 30 bar
Clean hydrogen at a large-scale

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Hydrogen production by alkaline electrolysis:
the most mature technology on the market

With more than 1,000  installations, our equipment is recognized among the market leaders

Among the various hydrogen generation methods, McPhy has specialized in hydrogen production by alkaline electrolysis, which offers the following advantages:


  • Reliability: an industrialized, mature process
  • Rapid response time / Dynamic response: perfectly adapted to couple with renewable energies, for continuous automated adaptation to fluctuating electricity
  • High-pressure production: up to 30 bar
  • High energy efficiency
  • Robustness: up to 80,000 hours of life for the fuel cell stack
  • Performances:
    Low electricity consumption: 4.5 kWh/Nm3 or 50 kWh/kg at the level of the stack at rated speed (100%)
    0 to 100% in less than 30 seconds and 100 to 0% in less than 5 seconds
    Potential to deliver up to 130% of rated speed
  • Plug and play system: easy installation and function for automatic operation and low maintenance
  • Compact: facilitated integration to your infrastructure
  • Economic competitiveness
  • Low carbon footprint: in particular for coupling configurations with renewable energies
  • Supervision and continuous improvement management


Augmented McLyzer, 

  • A modularized and scalable architecture: 20, 100 MW and more
  • A real technological breakthrough, thanks to a unique combination between our high-pressure alkaline electrolysis technology (30 bar) and the advanced electrodes of De Nora, which makes it possible to:
    Double the quantity of hydrogen produced
    With the same fuel cell stack size (reduced footprint)
    And the same specific energy consumption
    High energy efficiency
    Drastic improvement of competitiveness.
  • Easy to install: stacks and BOP are manufactured by McPhy, on-site assembly is limited to interconnections


All of our products bear the CE marking and McPhy products are certified by technical inspection organizations such as the TÜV.
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Did you know?

Water + Electricity = Hydrogen

Alkaline electrolysis, also called water electrolysis, is a process that makes it possible for hydrogen to be produced from electricity and water through an electrochemical reaction.

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